Saturday, August 13, 2011

Banner coming Up!!

It's not done yet, stil working on it!! Stay tuned!!

Ballerina Dress :)(:

Laying Pose Attempt

Don't focus on the ugly clothes, focus on the pose! i need opinions and comments!! Still working on it, clothes will be replaced! It might be the new banner, or the swimsuit one will be the banner..Comment!!!!!!!!!!


Whoohoo New Method! :)(:

I am VERY happy with this graphic it took me FOREVER to do! I put my name on it ALOT cuz i didn't want it to get stolen, sorry if you can't see it, try to! LoL! Honest opinions, tips? Comments..? 


Yay! Finally Got The hair Right!

I finally got the hair right...sorta....
This took me around 30-40 minutes! Honest opinions please! :)(: